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With the economy starting to pick up here in the United States and aboard. Have you thought about expanding your business horizons? Offer something new to an already existing or new clientele? Have you ever considered going trenchless? The demand for trenchless technology has skyrocketed over the past 10 years. It is a great way for you to grow your business and gain more revenue coming into your business. Let’s hear success stories from some fellow contractors regarding their decision to go trenchless: Nick Santoni from Dynamic Drains Technology’s LLC claims he took a gamble on using Perma-Liner technologies after starting his plumbing business back in 2008. Four years later his business is booming and the money just keeps flowing in.
Nick Patrick started his company, Trenchless Pipe Repairs in Spanaway, Washington. He had a very simple business plan set, to invest in Perma-Liner technology to start off with a bang! He is now generating a million in revenue a year and he started his business back in 2011! Bethlehem Township, just 90 miles outside of Philadelphia, decided to join the trenchless wave because of nasty tree roots were tying up business doing it the old fashioned way by digging pipes out to replace them. Now that they are using Perma-Liner technology they can get the work done in less time and keep the citizens happy with fast and effective service.

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